Illuminating your path to Wholeness


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Thank you for your patience while I create a new website for you.  Please do pop back soon to see what new offerings and creations I have for you.  Thank you.


Kim's gentle, sensitive and highly intuitive readings touch one deeply.  Along with inspired guidance offered to assist one on one's path to awakening, remembering and embodying the true magnificence of Self.

Kim's visionary art takes one on a journey of deep connection, healing and awakening to the multi-dimensionality of life, of Self.  Each creation carries a sense of depth, as if one is able to step into the artwork and experience the aliveness, the powerful energy which is contained within each unique artwork.

Kim's healing sessions, whether in person or remote are highly empathic and carry a great sense of authenticity and sensitivity.  One experiences deep connection and powerful shifts and alignments during these one-on-one consultations.  Through deep commitment and great love for what she offers, deep, insightful and lasting healing  occurs.

Visionary art, shamanic tools, crystals and intuitive energy medicine imbued with a sense of spirit, nature, love and healing - touching all in a deep and profound way.

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Still to come ....Art Prints, greeting cards, shamanic tools - smudge fans and rattles; crystals and crystal jewellery and more.


Kim has developed this unique and extremely helpful guidance tool to assist you in bringing awareness to where you are on your Soul Path at any given time. It pinpoints where you are now! And takes you on a 'Journey of Illumination through the Chakras', highlighting energetic attachments and blocks and shares insightful guidance on how to shift them.


In these pages you will find a range of sacred tools which are handmade by me.  Made with natural materials which are ethically and sustainably sourced,   no two items are ever the same.  Each item comes with a certificate of authenticity, where I also honour and thank the nature spirits who generously shared their energy in the form of feathers, crystals, wood, seeds and pods in order for these sacred tools to be made manifest. 

Kim has been collecting and working with crystals  for over 20 years.  Most of the crystals in her personal crystal collection are ready to find their new forever homes.

Kim also creates a unique, limited range of crystal jewellery, imbued with both her love of crystals as well as the powerful energies each crystal brings to each creation.